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Credit Card – Auto Pay

Auto-Pay options: We are making a small adjustment to Auto-Pay customers. Starting December 1st, we will be implementing a second attempt to collect payment if

The Infrastructure and Other Funding

Government funding: With all the Covid funding and the recently passed infrastructure bill, you must be thinking that Fiber to the home is right around

Theft of Copyrighted Materials

Content Misuse: We have always felt that we are your connectivity to the world, we do not monitor or restrict your use of the Internet.

New Office Hours 8a-5p

New Office Hours: We have decided to adjust our office hours to better accommodate both customers and staff. Starting Dec. 1st we will move our

New Terrace Heights Tower Installed

This year we have replaced three of our towers with more modern steel structure towers. The Terrace Heights tower has been located at a customer’s

National Internet Company Woes

Every time a customer tells us that a national Internet company has more credibility than a local one does I shake my head as I

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