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New MyFi Program Unique to Wabroadband

We recently came up on a company called Aerez, they developed a program that loads into customer’s home routers.  The many features was attractive because as an Internet Service Provider we receive feedback from concerns about how the Internet works for each of our customers.

This program provides Parental Controls where an individual device in your home can be paused (when the kids won’t get off of the Internet), or a child-friendly filter added to any single device.  This includes a bedtime blocker, so they aren’t on all night.

Included in a graph that gives awareness as to how much bandwidth is being used and in specified cases email alerts when important stuff is happening such as service interruption or a large amount of bandwidth on the network.  Not to brag but we tested this service on a cable company connection and our Fixed Wireless service.  After one week we checked intermittent outages and the cable company had 212 outages versus 4 for us, ok yes we’re bragging!

The best thing is this program comes in a simple to download App on your Android or Apple phone and is amazingly easy to use.  No advertising, no click-throughs.  Washington Broadband chose to white label this program as “MyFi”, we charge $25 initially (first month included) and $5 a month thereafter with no contract (although if canceled within a year the router must be returned).  That includes a home router and the program.

Now you can be at work and watch what your kids are doing and if you don’t like it, one click and their off-line, it’s hack-proof so the kids can’t take control away from you.

With the price of home routers jumping from $50 to $80+ we at Washington Broadband are offering a low cost buy in with a program that no one else offers.  We can also upgrade , give us a call.

**Update 11/2021, the MYFI initial fee is being increased and will now be $35 (first month included).

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