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New Terrace Heights Tower Installed

This year we have replaced three of our towers with more modern steel structure towers. The Terrace Heights tower has been located at a customer’s house for years but we have outgrown it with increased customer load, and the inability to add more radios. This is now resolved with our new 50′ structure that took close to 6 months to complete.

The new tower is located 700 feet to the East on the Terrace Heights Ridge where Washington Broadband purchased a parcel of land a year ago. It may not seem like much distance but this basically puts every Terrace Heights customer (well over 200) out of alignment. We will be able to move some from our office electronically, but for most of you we will have to come visit your house.

Our techs are instructed that when they move your radio, if you have an older generation radio they will upgrade that as well. The new tower has a much more robust gigabit feed which will provide faster speed capability, and less interference potential.

If you receive a call from us asking to schedule time to come to your house and re-aim your radio, this is what it is about. We appreciate your patience as we move everyone over in any extra unassigned slots our installers have over the next month. The taller antenna will also expand our reach into East Selah as well.

Thank you,

Forbes Mercy

President – Washington Broadband, INC

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