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End of 2023 Report on Fiber

Greetings to our patient customers. We feel we have built our new network in record time. While those waiting for federal or state dollars sit ...
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Why are Speed Tests Incorrect most of the time?

by Forbes Mercy, President – Washington Broadband, INC The original intent of speed tests such as Ookla,, and the like was to help ISPs ...
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Don’t Sign Consumer Reports Petition

I use Consumer Reports, and have been a faithful subscriber for years. I use them to show me evaluations on cars, appliances, and the like. ...
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Government Should Not Sell Retail Internet

As I’m frequently reminded, while certain people in Government feel they are the best at running everything, we the public know that’s not typically true. ...
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Adding Two More People to Fiber Install Team

With the near completion of our Summer expansion of 28.5 miles of new fiber to the home in West Valley, our backlog of up to ...
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FCC Approves Long Awaited 6ghz Band

Not to be technical but we are still a Wireless Internet Provider, as our largest segment of customers. We have struggled for a decade with ...
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