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WIRELESS Internet Service

Wireless Internet combines the mobility of cell phones with the constant connection of DSL. Data transfers via microwaves broadcast from seven towers surrounding the Yakima area. Phone lines are bypassed completely. Which means like DSL, your phone line is not tied up while you are online. In fact, you don’t even need a phone line at all!

The initial cost of Wireless Internet is a bit higher than other services because installation is more demanding and requires more hardware, including a radio card and an outdoor antenna.

If you live in a rural area and need high speed Internet access, Wireless is your best and oftentimes only option.

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  • All computers you plan to connect must be at least Windows 2000 or Macintosh OS9 with 128MB of RAM
  • Your home or office must be within sight of one of our wireless towers
  • Your home or office must be within 7 miles of one of our towers
  • You must be able to give permission for our installers to set up the necessary equipment at your location to capture the wireless signal from our towers

First, the office will schedule an install. You are not charged if we cannot make initial connection(remember the antenna must be able to see one of our 12 local tower sites). Using a test instrument, they will test the link quality before installation. If the link tests ok, the antenna is installed and a small cable is run into the interior of the premises and connected to a small power supply box. A connection cable is inserted between your computer’s network card or router (customer supplied) and the power supply box. Your computer and/or router is configured and you’re all set. If you have multiple computers we ask that you have the router purchased and at your premises at time of install.

In order to connect your computer to the wireless signal coming to your house, we have to attach a cable to the antenna mounted to your roof [See Diagram]. The Wireless service we offer is considered wireless because the signal between you and us requires no physical cable stretched between Washington Broadband and your home or office.

It is true that the risk of exposure is increased with a constant connection to the Internet. However, we can give you a private Internet address that cannot be accessed from the outside world. If you use a public address, we recommend a software or hardware firewall package that will keep outsiders out.

No. Actually, wireless does not require a phone line at all.

  • Severe weather (heavy snow or fog)
  • Blocked line of sight from your home/office and our tower (trees or new construction)
  • Power outages around the valley
  • Misaligned antenna
  • Your computer is too slow to keep up with the speed of Wireless
  • Too many “Ad-ware” programs are running on your computer (Repair Your Computer)
  • Check all cables connected to your computer to be sure they are plugged in
  • Restart your computer
  • Restart your wireless equipment [See Diagram]
  • Install and run Ad-Aware to remove “Ad-ware” programs running on your computer [Repair Your Computer]
  • If these basics steps do not bring your computer back online, Contact Us


Tower transmits the signal.

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The Antenna receives the signal.

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The cables bring the signal into the home.

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Your internet works!

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