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Why over 1gbps is ridiculous

There is a provider in Yakima now offering 5gbps service, that is what their ads start with. Trying to look like the guy who has faster service than anyone else, it’s akin to wanting to buy a Maserati to drive through a school zone. Nearly all home computers can’t put enough load on their computers to ever realize that speed, and the cost for a home router to even recognize over 1gbps is prohibitively expensive. Even the Government’s goal of 1gbps service is ridiculous because there are no applications that uses that much speed. The average usage by Internet users is about 20mbps. The cable system may sell 100-300 mbps service, but that is commonly a bursted speed, not the consistent speed. Most customers buy the lowest fiber speed of 100mbps, where we offer gigabit service, only a few people buy that service, hardly worthy of building a network for it, but we do. The only people buying those speeds are poorly trained IT Technicians who always recommend 1gbps to their clients, although they rarely use more than 100mbps. If you want to buy that fast of speed, you are free too, just letting you know, it’s a waste of your money.

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