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The Infrastructure and Other Funding

Government funding: With all the Covid funding and the recently passed infrastructure bill, you must be thinking that Fiber to the home is right around the corner. I’d love the funding to speed up our fiber to the home project. If someone comes to us with a grant that doesn’t end up giving our network to the feds under the rigid terms of taking those funds, I’m all ears. In 2021 we will complete the year adding a million dollars of new wired Internet, far more than any other provider. It will take millions more to complete the project, we were hoping the infrastructure bill would help, but sadly the rules set are not written for existing providers to get any of the funding. Washington State is the worst in the nation giving all funding to various government agencies called Public Utility Districts (which we don’t have here). We’ll get to you, as quickly as we can with our own aggressive build-out.

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