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End of 2023 Report on Fiber

Greetings to our patient customers. We feel we have built our new network in record time. While those waiting for federal or state dollars sit on their hands, we self fund our network, this year ended up being 28.5 miles of Fiber to the Home in West Valley. While there will be some hook-up issues with long underground utilities to houses, anyone near the road or power pole line can easily sign up for speeds of 100mbps, 300mbps, or One Gigabit download speeds. Our upload speeds are also 50% of download, far more aggressive than neighboring companies fiber network. Yes we are the exclusive provider of fiber in these areas! Night and Day to Century Link’s (Lumen) DSL outdated phone lines.

This Winter we move back to a city we already have cable in, and start to overbuild it with fiber to the home. This year we are building the town of Tieton. The cable we purchased is aging fast, and we’d rather stick to our accepted technology of fiber. Last year when Ziply overbuilt our network, we were proud that they took only 2 customers from us. They also followed us to Tieton, taking less than 10 customers, who we hope to get back when we build our fiber to their houses. We are also putting more of Cowiche in service with Summitview Avenue, Cowiche City Road, and Sunset up and running.

What’s not to like about Washington Broadband long time policies of not raising prices, Yakima based technical support, and long hours of service. Plus we’re a phone company.

While we have not publicly announced the 2024 phase 3, it is already engineered, and we performing cost analysis, and other steps before we are confident enough to announce. Initially, it’s 40 more miles of fiber to the home, eclipsing this year’s distance, and much more rural than this year’s build. It’s estimated at $2.5 Million so we’re looking at options.

So here’s the year end map of connected fiber cases and active service. While this project should have been done by now, we are impeded by an issue with Pacific Power to put in a new pole in Cottonwood Canyon. once that’s in, the final part of Phase 2 from 2023 will be completed in short order.

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