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Adding Two More People to Fiber Install Team

With the near completion of our Summer expansion of 28.5 miles of new fiber to the home in West Valley, our backlog of up to three weeks isn’t acceptable. We hired a new line puller, and moved one of our Wireless technicians over to help on installs. We are also upgrading his training to splice fiber. We plan to use the extra help to decrease the wait time for our fiber to the home installations back to about a week. We are aware with completion of more fiber the requests will ramp up even more. This last project passed over 2000 homes.

Our Winter project is increasing the speeds to Tieton, expanding it’s fiber footprint, and tying together the rest of Cowiche so it can all be live to add more homes in that area. We are proud to say that after we built the town of Naches, then a competitor building right over us in the Spring, only about 3 customers switched. It’s the loyalty to local service, our always stable pricing, and the confidence that we will continue to strive to fight for the freedom of the Internet on behalf of our customers.

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