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Best ISP 2023!

2022 Goals – Buying Local is the Key

So the message I want to put out in 2022 is “So you think a National Company is better?” 

We’re fully aware that some local businesses do not have the resources, or desire to be as serious in service and product delivery than the much advertised and recognized companies.  The damage the “buy local” reputation because there are also many local companies performing at a level much higher than the big regional and national competing companies.  This doubt makes company owners, and their IT people insist on only larger companies for Internet Service. 

The actual truth is Washington Broadband has been providing Internet before any other company in Yakima, since 1994.  Sure we started with dial-up, but someone had to introduce Yakima to the Internet.  Obviously we’ve been on a build up to faster speeds ever since.  Larger companies, and we make sure not to say ‘national companies’ because there are very few of them, have much higher monthly costs, installation costs, no interest in the Yakima market, and often don’t build an adequate diverse connection to the Internet.  Just because they are big, doesn’t mean they are any better. 

For instance the phone companies in our valley have never really upgraded their networks and are still using old technology DSL.  Their advertising brags of speeds they can never deliver, and service calls going to foreign countries with no ability to fix your issues.  They require damaging your credit report, rarely stop billing when you leave them, and will do anything to keep you in a phone queue until you become frustrated enough to hang up, or they just drop your call. 

The reality is the phone industry isn’t the Broadband industry, they are simply trying to do a hostile takeover of Broadband using venture capital to build up large cities, and federal grants to say they will build rural Internet, collect those funds, and never finish the projects.  This is where Washington Broadband shines, all support is local, we’re here every day and evening for support long after the local cable and phone companies have shut down their technical support lines. 

We continue to build fiber and cable to replace fixed wireless which continues to get overwhelmed by other companies carelessly interfering on those frequencies.  We now have over 40 miles of working fiber to the home, and cable with speeds up to gigabit.  In 2022 we’re building over 60 more miles of fiber to the home, further expanding our cable, and moving more wireless customers over to licensed spectrum. 

We’re the largest local Internet provider, and the longest running. We’ve been voted the best Internet Provider over every larger company for five straight years.  Our phone service is nearly half the price of the larger companies.  If your IT person tells you to only buy national, perhaps you should question their advice, local truly is much better in the Internet industry, the prices are better, and the feeds are divergent, redundant, and more adaptive to your needs. Washington Broadband is proud to ONLY care about Yakima, not some other market.

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