You DID know we’re a Phone Company too, right?

Washington Broadband has had a sister company Washington Telco LLC for many years, even in the days of Northwest Info net, the old dial-up company, we were a CLEC.  A CLEC is a mini telephone company. CLEC stands for Competitive Local Exchange Carrier. The telecommunications act of 1996 had provisions in it designed to spark […]

Question Your IT “Professional” Before You Spend Money

In the beginning of the Internet everyone thought if you were selling Internet you must also build computers.   It took a while to educate people that there are those who know how to build computers (hardware), those who understand software, and those who understand the Internet.  Those are three distinctly different occupations and while many […]

Before You Buy Your New Router, READ THIS!

First let’s explain the anatomy of your home network.  You have your Internet Service Provider, hopefully us, then the wire comes into your house or business.  It then plugs into a either a modem for telephone or cable providers or a power supply for a Wireless connection (like us).  Some modems then go to a […]