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We are DONE with Contracts!

As of March 1, 2017 we have decided that putting customers under contract serves no real benefit to our customers or to us. Our service is reliable enough people don't leave us so why require people to stay like Cell phone, Satellite, and the Phone company do? Our dependability and access speaks for itself and our lowest in industry churn rate proves it's true, we're the best in Yakima County!

Are you ready for something faster?

Our emphasis is Rural High Speed Internet in Home and Business for Upper Yakima County! If you thought your only choice to upgrade from dial-up was Satellite or Cell Internet, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Unlike those other two methods of High Speed Internet we don't charge for usage. Our monthly is exactly what you pay, period. Cell companies are happy to let you run past your maximum so you can get hundreds of dollars more than the plan your sign up for. Satellite will slow you down to dial-up speeds if you exceed your plans with them, not us, fixed pricing, period!

Get connected to the Upper Yakima Valley's best high-speed Internet access provider. Whether you're in town or nestled into the hills around the valley, Washington Broadband can get you a connection that will make having a new computer the fun it is supposed to be.

  • Save time with fast download speeds
  • Specializing in Rural High Speed availability
  • Dedicated connection without the hassle of a second phone line
  • Access to email, news, sports & stock quotes is just a click away

What we're known for!

The first question we're asked is "Do you have limits on your service?". The answer is NO, we are unlimited, we don't slow you down at a certain throughput, time of day, or any other penalty, use what you want anytime you want! Satellite and other wireless providers such as Cell phones and the telephone company don't give true unlimited service, we do.

The second question is; "How fast does your system respond to my requests?". Our answer is as a terrestrial based network we offer speeds as fast as wired Internet typically under 20ms. Our towers run under 2ms so comparing us to satellite who has 1000ms average is night and day to our service.

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