In response to COVID-19: Washington Broadband will continue to operate during our regular business hours doing installs and providing technical support to our customers. However, we will not be entering homes and will not allow customers inside our office. Payment envelopes are available on the outside of the building.
Please contact us at or by calling (509) 853-0858 if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding and continued support during this time.

What We’re Doing During the Novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 virus

As a retired Fire Chief I am very mindful of viral threats and the need for planning. Immediately I have initiated the following required practices:

1) Schedulers will ask if you have anyone sick at home and offer to reschedule if someone is. We ask that customers volunteer a call back to postpone due to sicknesses prior to us coming to your house even on the day of the appointment.

2) Installers will wear shoe/boot covers and gloves in your house.

3) All installers will carry hand sanitizers on their person.

4) We will ask customers to respect a space of at least 3 feet of social distancing from our employees when on-site.

5) If the Installers feel any medical potential threat they have my backing to suspend the installation (at no charge to the customer) for their personal safety.

6) We are suspending the $50 charge to cancel an appointment within 24 hours if sick, although it will still stand if you do not show.

7) If the customer desires the employee to wear a mask please ask, all trucks are equipped with face masks.

8) Any of my staff that comes in sick will be sent home with pay regardless of the extent of their illness.

I am committed to protecting my staff and customers from exposure to this viral emergency and providing a safe work space as has always been our #1 priority.

Thank you,
Forbes Mercy
President – Washington Broadband, Inc.