We’re Laying Fiber!!!

Washington Broadband has now spent nearly a half-million on our cable and fiber system that runs from Selah to the Nile and all communities in between.  A much larger undertaking than we anticipated and all self-funded.

The most exciting part is watching the fiber optic network being built along side of our cable system.  It’s necessary to have the necessary bandwidth for cable which will offer 40mbps and 100mbps for residential and up to 1.2 gigabit connections for our business accounts.

Every day we lay more fiber on our 2500+ power poles, this past week we ran 4 miles of fiber from the Naches river, along South Naches Rd and up towards Tieton.  This is in preparation of charging the cable system in Tieton by fall.  The town of Naches is still slated to be turned up in late summer as it’s fully installed so all we have to do is align the electronics and complete the installation of our backbone to the Internet.

Our existing Wireless customers are very excited to know they will convert to cable connection and maintain our pricing that has never gone up in the 17 years we’ve ran our high-speed system. They were afraid they’d be stuck with Charter or the Phone Company and they’re constantly raising prices!

Also our Fiber to the Home (FTTx) system in West Valley is coming soon!  We’re motivated to get the first run completed to Cowiche Mountain starting at Tieton Drive near Stone Road so we can feed our wireless tower with 10x the bandwidth it currently gets!!!

Watch this new website of ours for announcements once the system is totally live!