Rapidly Growing Cable Areas

Washington Broadband is adding to our existing Cable service in the Gleed, Naches and Tieton areas. With 60/100/200 mbps plans available we are bringing very high-speed Internet to areas who have had to suffer through CenturyLink DSL and slower Wireless capabilities that may have not served your ever increasing need for faster Internet.

This year alone we extended to the Shadbolt neighborhood consisting of Pleasant Valley Highway, Shadbolt, Barnes, upper Eschbach road, and more of Old Naches Highway. Next we rebuilt and expanded a section of Naches-Tieton road and filled in Craig Rd, Klockhammer, S. Naches Rd., and Ranger Road. in Naches. Also expanded to is S. Tieton Rd from Summitview to Hatton Rd.

We’ve also extended our Old Naches Hwy cable from Cherry Lane west past W. Naches, around the corner up to Clark Lane in Naches.

We’re currently expanding down Summitview Rd to Evans Fruit in order to cover the new S. Tieton Estates which will be an all fiber to the home project, our first large Multi Dwelling unit. Speaking of Multi-Dwelling units we now are fully running in the Tieton Estates in North Tieton.

We have now turned up the power supply on E. Gleed Road in Gleed and will begin filling and repairing the existing cable system that will include E. Gleed, Blue Spruce Lane, Old Stage Way, Brinton Rd, Urban, Sherry Ave, plus more of Old Naches Hwy. We will continue to fill in Old Naches to the west. Eventually we will go over the hill to Selah and areas where Spectrum doesn’t cover but we already have cable we will fill in those sections.

Of course our largest project is the half-million expansion of fiber to the home in Cowiche rural areas. We’ll be spending millions on expanding fiber to the home next year in the West Valley area.

Our goal is to begin to replace and augment our Wireless network with as much fixed wired systems as feasible in our effort to continue to be the leader of rural Internet in Yakima County. When you see the concentration of our bucket trucks (We have a crew of 10 that builds new expansions every work day), go out and tell them you want super high-speed, we’ll be glad to help!

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