New Cable Neighborhoods Covered

Four years ago Washington Broadband purchased 60 miles of cable that was not being used, but was designed for one way Television service. Over a million dollars later half of the network has been converted to two way high-speed cable Internet. We offer phone and Internet on this system. With the trend for more home streaming services we felt adding Television would have no return on the investment. If you do want Television we do install DISH as a registered retailer. The speeds we offer on cable are 60/100/300mbps download with up to 100mbps up.

We have a crew of 8 employees dedicated to just the cable system, who do nothing but construction work. This saves us from having to rely on contractors, and makes sure we are always available to meet any emergency need. People are raving about the upgrades from Telephone DSL which averages about 5mbps, and the 7 day a week availability of on-call/office assistance. We also follow the same pricing structure our Wireless division has always used in not raising prices. Consider yourself lucky because you know if you had the other cable system in Yakima, you’d be seeing regular price increases, not us.

Obviously the original cable system was built many years ago, and neighborhoods have been built with no cable added. Therefore we are filling in the neighborhoods that do not have cable access in the Gleed, Naches and Tieton areas.

  1. Some of those recent neighborhood extensions include extending cable internet a mile South on S. Naches Rd, from Naches-Tieton Road. We will also extend down Ranger Rd. In the next few weeks.
  2. We have extended a mile North up Pleasant Valley Road and West on Pleasant Valley Place, additionally extending fiber to support the new customers.
  3. Next we have extended West on old Naches highway from Apple Loop another mile across from the old mill.
  4. Other areas covered now are Klockhammer and Craig Road West from Naches-Tieton Rd.
  5. Last for this post is the extension across Highway 12 to Stark Road and McCormick Rd.

Our plans are to extend E. Gleed next, we typically do not build where Spectrum is and prefer to expand in underserved areas of rural Yakima County. The expansion will cover some new areas such as Old Stage Way, and over the Selah-Naches Rd into uncovered areas of North Selah.

As for TIeton we have developed both of the Catholic Charities housing developments of Tieton Estates and the new S. Tieton Estates nearing completion, this will qualify all of the houses from Summitview South of Tieton. We are also developing the newer housing developing on N. Tieton and expanding our coverage of Rosenkranz Rd East from N. Tieton.

Cowiche now has the fiber infrastructure built and we will be expanding fiber throughout the area in our first truly Fiber to the Home area. That should start to go live in about a month. If you have a business in Cowiche don’t waste your money on those “Business Only” Fiber companies, their monthly prices are far higher than ours and we have a more solid backbone.

We’re an ambitious company and with a full-time crew dedicated to expanding our network to rural Yakima County, our mission is to make true High-Speed available to as many as we can.

Thank you,

Forbes Mercy

President – Washington Broadband, INC

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