Lightning Means Unplug

We’ve had two decent Lightning storms this summer so occasionally we will remind our customers of a few helpful hints. When lightning is in your immediate area it’s important that you unplug anything plugged into the outside world. This includes our small rectangular box that powers the radio on the side of your house. If you have a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) the surge protector may give adequate protection and also will keep you up during power outages for a while. The strip surge protectors are rarely adequate to stop a close lightning strike from damaging equipment.

While we make every effort to install superior grounding at our towers a direct hit will likely affect some radios as this last one left Tieton and Naches Heights down for a few hours. Extended power outages can also outlast our battery back-up systems. We keep a close eye on outages and will often run up to the tower with a generator to keep the backup batteries charging when an extended restore time is provided by Pacific Power.

One service we do provide is to constantly keep our phone messaging system updated with any outage throughout our network. When there is a message we would appreciate that you not ring through to after-hours support as we’re likely fixing the issue. If there is no message we are unaware of the issue or we have repaired it. That message is updated 24/7 when necessary.

If after the outage your service is not restored you should leave a message (residential), or ring through (business) as soon as possible. Today we exchanged 3 power supplies in the office, and did 4 site fixes directly related to the storm. With a heavy rain the long time (gray cable) customers could get water in weathered wires with cracks in them.

We’re on top of any kind of outage and with your cooperation of calling as soon as possible by our affected customers we will work our hardest to make sure you have continuous and reliable high-speed Internet service.

Thank you,

Forbes Mercy

President – Washington Broadband, Inc.