Interference is now a way of life

Years ago we had two groups of spectrum to use, the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies for unlicensed use. The router companies quickly filled up the 2.4ghz spectrum with routers so we abandoned that favoring the not as great 5ghz spectrum. Nearly our entire radio system rides on this spectrum now.

Of course the router companies, being prodded by the phone and cable industries added dual Access Points that also put them on 5ghz. Then when the new AC routers came out they made the Access Points 2 – 80Mhz channels capable of moving 9 gigabits of speed. As you know there isn’t a use anywhere for that kind of speed and even cable is only 100mbps so it’s no surprise that the wide frequencies on home routers were intended to try to push out the Wireless Internet providers. We’ve ALWAYS recommended turning off your 5ghz access points in your routers to reduce the kind of Interference that creates slowdowns on your connection to us.

Add to that the huge influx of other Fixed Wireless providers. We can’t stop them from going into business but it seems some of them just thrive on causing Interference. One such provider has tracked where our towers are and placed their tower on the next property over fully intending to cause interference so they could take some of our customers. This weekend another provider the Yakama Nation turned up radios taking 80mhz of space, it caused a real mess on our Elephant mountain tower this weekend.

This irresponsible use of the very valued spectrum points to their poor knowledge of how unlicensed works and the FCC mandate that we “get along” on unlicensed spectrum. We’ll certainly be notifying the nation that starting a wireless war is in nobody’s best interest.

We also know the cable and phone people are contemplating starting Fixed Wireless as well and you KNOW they won’t care who they cause interference to.

That’s the facts, between routers and poor ethic and lacking knowledge providers it’s hard for us, the original Fixed Wireless company with pretty full radios to stay on top of it. Please never hesitate to notify us when you have inconsistent problems, almost always it’s interference and we’ll do our best to smooth out the problems with you.

Thank you,
Forbes Mercy
President – Washington Broadband, Inc.