Faster and Faster Wireless!

With the new additional 10gigabit circuit in Gleed (to Portland) to supplement the 10gigabit in Moxee (to Seattle) that feeds the Wireless Network we’ve been working to balance the system better to achieve faster speeds. We’ve already increased our plans this year without increasing cost. The Lite changed upload from 758k to 1.5mbps, Plus plan went from 2.5 to 3, the Elite went from 5mbps to 8mbps/down and 2.5mbps and the Premium has been increased from 15 to 18mbps/down and 5mbps up, we’re making the Premium more attractive with a faster upload. If you’re a business who is running on a Residential plan a simple upgrade to business plans will more than double your upload speeds. We’ll keep reassessing the use, these newer radios really move a lot of bandwidth, on an install today we did a speed test at 60mbps so we know we have room to grow.

We have taken the north end of our network entirely off of the Moxee circuit so Naches Heights and Naches is fed off of the Gleed circuit increasing the feeds from 100mbps to a gig connection. This also eases the load off of the rest of the Wireless Network and also finally ties the Gleed circuit into the Moxee circuit so if one of our feeds goes down we have redundancy that will automatically kick in. NO other Wireless provider has the redundancy that we have, not even cellular.

There is still more construction season left so we will be enhancing the Wenas with another tower, adding a fiber fed tower to offer 25mbps wireless speeds to the Basalt Springs area of Gleed and upgrading the Gleed tower with gigabit speeds. We’re also upgrading Elephant mountain with a faster feed and doing more to filter the lower valley from a very unethical lower valley competitor who is trying to drown all the frequencies with us installing more directional horn antennas to reduce interference.

Of course don’t forget our Cable network in the upper valley, Naches is now up with 100mbps service and Tieton will be running next week. After Tieton is fully running we’ll redirect our committed cable crew to fill in the rest of Gleed with Cable and start rebuilding the broken Cowiche system.

After winning the 3rd year of Yakima Herald’s Reader’s Choice awards it’s easy to point out our big Corporate competitors getting slower, despite their advertising claims, and raising prices while we continue to keep our prices static, while increasing speeds with newer radio technologies.

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