End of 2021 Cable/Fiber Update

Fiber/cable status: We now have a complete build-out in West Gleed, Naches, and Tieton with our cable system. We’re building fiber to the home along South Naches, Naches Heights, Cowiche, and West Valley from Occidental west to Tampico. We have an 8-person crew, all they do is construct new networks. Our first goal next year is to pull as many wireless people as possible off of Cowiche Mountain and move them to fiber to the home. When you see our trucks adding fiber by your house, go out and tell them to make sure you are included. We will also door tag homes as they become eligible to service. With $60/100mbps, $100/300mbps, and gigabit speeds available, getting onto our new wired network is more efficient and vastly better.  The more people we pull off of our Wireless network we will be able to increase speeds there too!

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