In response to COVID-19: Washington Broadband will continue to operate during our regular business hours doing installs and providing technical support to our customers. However, we will not be entering homes and will not allow customers inside our office. Payment envelopes are available on the outside of the building.
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Always Improving our Network – New 2020 News!

We recently purchased a very complex device and installed it to monitor all traffic on Cowiche Mountain and it’s associated towers in Naches, Cottonwood Canyon, Wide Hollow, and Tampico. This unit provides us with a view of customer and tower latency, prioritizes emergency phone traffic with our phone system, and allows us to better plan for upgrades needed on specific towers.

The other benefit is we will be better capable in being proactive to find problem connections. Unfortunately our customers sometimes accept a poor or slow (at times) connection until they get fed up and leave without ever calling us. This new device will notify us when specific customers are seeing excessive lag in their connection. If we can’t fix the problem by logging into your radio directly we will be calling some of you to offer to make a free appointment to re-aim, replace, or rewire your connection to us. It challenges us to make the network as efficient as possible where we will work very hard to have overall stats of bad connections reduce to a repaired status.

This device charges us per customer yet has always been our practice we are not increasing prices or adding fees as our competitors would be prone to do. It narrows our profit margin but also will provide a stable and growing customer base with better performance in delivering Internet to you.

A couple of notices, our cable system continues to grow offering up to 300mbps unlimited speeds no different than the in-town Charter system. As always we prefer to work with suburban/rural Yakima county and now offer these speeds in portions of Gleed, the City of Tieton and Town of Naches. This winter we are working to activate the entire Gleed area, in the Spring we will be building the Cowiche area. Down the road we see expansion to Naches Heights, the Nile and parts of North Selah. It’s a huge investment and also is augmented with our own fiber optic system meant to feed to cable system and commercial accounts who can obtain gigabit speeds.

We are now Authorized Retailers for DISH TV which will be sending out notices soon regarding how we can help to deliver a TV product using either independent satellite reception or Over the Top (OTT) TV through your existing Internet from us or from anyone else for that matter using features such as AirTV, Sling, and a host of other APP based or home security features. We looked at lots of other TV options and felt this was the most mature product. They are independent of our pricing style but seem to be reasonable with the greatest depth of products, more to come on that.

Lastly, while we have been a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), a phone company, for many years so it’s not a new service we want to make sure you know our prices are lower than anyone else in this market, less than Spectrum, less than your phone company, both for residential, fax, and commercial lines. Our PBX (private branch exchange) system is very sophisticated with nearly all commercial features you get on those very overpriced office phone systems you have with none of the charges as our system is entirely in the cloud so no local boxes needed.

PLUS we offer one single phone number that can call and receive 1000 simultaneous in and out calls so no more having 2 plus numbers unless you need one independent for fax. We can port your existing number over and all you need is compatible phones. You don’t have to be on our network to save money on your phone bill. One commercial customer’s phone bill dropped from $750/month to $150/month. All phone calls to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico are local calls with us. There’s no beating it!

We’re so much more than just Yakima’s first Internet company (26 years), and while we continue to upgrade our tower radios and deal with the new Interference issues posed by home routers, IT people who don’t respect the unlicensed spectrum, and competitors who seem to try to copy everything we do (two providers in town always build their towers within a block of our towers)! Call Washington Broadband first, we’re really the best full-service choice!

Forbes Mercy, President

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