2021 First Qtr Growth

This is a fun place to come to work! We have Eight very productive Cable and Fiber Employees who just love to build onto the network we already have. Four years ago we purchased 60 miles of unused cable that ran from Selah through Gleed and Naches and up to Tieton. It also had a spur in the Nile, all of it inactive. Since that time those eight have spent every weekday redesigning, changing old and cracked cable, running Fiber Optic to those areas to increase the ability to move more speed, and putting pieces of it in service.

Over 30 miles of it is now in service with another 10 miles of new area covered as our crew turns up a new neighborhood nearly every month. Last month it was the Shadbolt neighborhood of Gleed, this month it’s the Klockhammer/Craig neighborhood in Naches. We have a list of 25 projects lined up that should keep us busy through the summer.

At the same time we are gearing up for our first Fiber City of which we’ve already spent well over $100,000 to run fiber to the south end of Cowiche. From there we will run down all of the side streets with fiber to the business and home. By the end of 2021 we will have the entire Cowiche area with fiber availability. No other Internet company has the commitment we have to serving rural Yakima county. The government calls fiber “future proofing” which means we can move as much bandwidth through fiber that could ever be demanded in the future.

And don’t forget our Wireless! The core of our business, and how we pay for all of the Wired network (which is why when we come by your house with our wired network we hook you up for free) has never looked so good. We’re up to the sixth generation of radios, these radios can move 100mbps, a far cry from the original radios 20 years ago that were barely faster than dial-up. It’s the most irritating thing we hear “I had you five years ago and you were slow”. Well DUH! Technology was slower and newer then, we can compete with cable speeds now and we’re installing the new radios onto our towers as fast as we can. That’s the whole point with our company, when new faster radios come out, we buy them and raise your experience with better speeds.

Of course we have to point out that online programs are using more bandwidth every day. It’s our job to keep up with content providers but sometimes they throw us a curve like Zoom that dramatically increased the need for upload speeds, the network wasn’t even designed for high uploads. And the online game manufacturers constantly upgrade their video quality to dramatically increases speeds. While we have never raised our prices, sometimes increasing your plan to keep up with these new applications as your use increases is necessary.

We continue to strive to be the best in service, support, availability, and upgrading of equipment of any Internet Service Provider in Yakima. Giving us a try is the best way to have great Internet!

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