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The Prep for Winter

While Construction season is over for 2017 we have a bunch of maintenance to do in order to tuck it in for the Winter.

We are replacing and/or adding 6 new back-up power supplies so the system stays up longer during outages from weather. We are installing them during the second week of November, there will be short outages (minutes).

Ladybug Tower is getting all radios replaced with new generation radios This week (first week of November which will cause some longer outages for just that tower serving the lower valley.

Cowiche Mountain still has some upgrades needed so we hopefully match last winter with ZERO outages all season. In addition we will be replacing the radio link that serves Ahtanum, Wiley City and Tampico within the next two weeks.

We appreciate your understanding and we all hope to have a very quiet winter of very dependable Internet! We certainly have a large enough pipe to feed you, just need to make sure no towers drop or are over ran with our constant growth.

Remember we have after hours support by calling our main line and letting us know WHEN you are having slowdowns or problems.

Tell your neighbors we are VERY dependable and our price still hasn't gone up, that's what a neighbor Internet provider can do for you!

Thank you,
Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.