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It's Spring Construction Time!

So it's spring, after a successful no tower outage winter, and adding 10 Gigibit more bandwidth to our system, we need to move into outside upgrade season. Here is our immediate list.

1) Build the Lookout Point tower - Yes we're going after Charter and CenturyLink with this tower. It will look directly into downtown Selah and East/North Yakima. We're using a new kind of radio that will guarantee uniform delivery of high speeds. Build date estimated end of May. Our #1 request for service is now in the city where Charter pricing has gone through the roof for customers.

2) Rebuild Cowiche Mountain - It has older radios that cause slow downs in the evening, we are upgrading it to the same radios we will use on the above Lookout tower to assure uniform service.

3) Build new Toppenish/Zillah tower - Our second most requested area is this area, we will include Buena with a smaller tower.

4) Rebuild AR02 tower (about 40th avenue and Ahtanum Ridge) - We will replace all radios with the newer faster radios. Once the Lookout tower is built people from all over the city will be asking for the same higher speeds so it makes sense.

5) Rebuild Terrace Heights - We have been cursed with one new competitor who likes to move his radios to our frequency to cause Interference. Seems there isn't much we can do so the only answer I have is to replace to the higher quality radios that ignores his radios so we can provide uniform service. We also have to have a larger tower due to increased customers.

6) Expand to the end of Cottonwood Canyon - There is an area about the 16000 block that cannot get coverage, we will put a small tower in to service those houses.

7) Upper Naches Valley - We almost have completed a tower that will serve West of Naches clear up to the "Y". We originally thought when Frontier Telephone added fiber to that area they would give high speed but are refusing to so it's wide open for us.

Finally we have a huge announcement coming May 1st that will cause a lot of excitement in the Gleed, Naches, Tieton and Cowiche areas, more to come! Happy Spring!!!

Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.

ps Remember to tell your neighbor to join Washington Broadband and you get a free month of Internet!