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If you are a new subscriber, or if you are using our web site for the first time, here are a few tips to help you access some of our more advanced features...

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The Washington Broadband subscriber community, called "My Community", is your online home page for email, weather, news, and much more. When you access the Washington Broadband web site (nwinfo.net), simply log in to the "My Account" section using your email address and password and you will be directed to your personal home page. Your local news and weather, along with your favorite web sites and a variety of links to local places and events will all appear on your home page. To make changes to features such as weather, your favorites list, or any other subscriber-managed portion of "My Community", please refer to the guide below.

Understanding "My Account"

[inbox: 5/10 emails]
The Inbox is where all of your email is stored. To access your email account, click on this link. If you would like to set up a POP mail account through Outlook Express or another mail program, please refer to our technical support section for details.

Account Status
The Account Status section provides a list of all services associate with your account and lists the days remaining on each service. To renew any of your Washington Broadband services online, select each item from the list provided in this section and provide your credit card information for processing.

Account Details
This section allows each user to reset their own email password. It also allows the administrator of an entire account to modify contact information such as names and addresses.

Edit My Community
To make changes to any user-managed section of your home page, choose the appropriate link on this page. "Edit My Favorite Sites" provides access to the list on your home page that can be used to store your most frequently traveled web sites for quick access. "Edit My Classifieds" allows each user to add free classified listings to the main 'My Community' site that is available to anyone who accesses the Washington Broadband web site. "Configure Weather" allows each user to choose which options will display on their home page weather meter, such as sunrise, humidity, or the city of your choice.

Virus Updates
If your computer uses the Windows-based operating system, we suggest checking the Virus Updates page frequently to stay up-to-date on any potentially dangerous computer viruses.

The Downloads section features a variety of Internet-related software that can be downloaded from third parties for your personal use. We will also post any Dialup software updates on this section of our web site.

[Log Out]
If you are accessing your account through a public Internet connection, or if you would like to prevent other people from accessing your account information, be sure to Log Out when you are finished making changes to your account.

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If you have any questions please call us at (509) 853-0858.